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Sunday 13 July 2014

Evesham 10k race report

Exciting news is that I've hit 300k!! :) 30% done with the challenge, and I've run 30 miles already in July. Happy days. :)

Today I ran the Evesham 10k with 3 friends. Now, these friends are all speedy speeders, and I'm much happier just getting the distance in without worrying about times or working too hard at it.... but when you start racing and you've got the chance to run with someone for a while to distract you from the pain that is running 6 miles faster than you'd like....  :) Thanks to Kerry for keeping me going!! Really pleased with my time of 1:01:53 as it's 8 minutes faster than my previous 10k time. Next 10k race is in September and I hope to get under 1 hour. 2 months of training should take care of that, just need to get the speed sessions in!

The best part of today was seeing Ryan and his siblings and friends taking part in the fun runs after our race.  Ryan has been really tired all weekend -turns out he's been playing with the playdoh at school and has glutened himself, probably by not washing his hands before sucking on his fingers/thumb which is a new thing he has started doing. So this morning he was saying he didn't want to do the race as his tummy hurt and he was tired, but when he got there and got to put on his race number and see all of his friends, he got very excited.  :)

He ran really well, though I'm still trying to work out if his bumping a poor little girl sideways was an accidental wobble due to his unsteady running gait or deliberate due to Ryan's overexcited behaviour before the race (I did apologise to her dad!!) but he gave it his all and was very proud to finish and collect his goodies. :)  Natalie and Lucas ran too, the race was 500m and has finished their 1000 Miles of Smiles pledge of 5 miles each. Most of this has been scooting, with the 2 races they've done as part of it. Please do sponsor them for such a great job, you can use my Just Giving page as all money will go direct to HemiChat.

Here's some photos from today!

Next up is lots of training and a 5k mud race next weekend! It's the Race for Life Pretty Muddy, and if you'd like to sponsor me and my 3 friends for this amazing cause then please use the following link:  My 5k will count towards my distance challenge, but we'd love to get a good amount raised for Cancer Research UK.

Thank you to those who have donated to my Road to 1000k recently. It means SO much to so many, THANK YOU! x x x

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